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Aladdin Sane Inky (Blue) - MarketFlex

Aladdin Sane Inky (Blue)


Paris, London, Hong Kong, NYC or even Katmandu, so many cities have been the target of the mysterious street-artist Invader and his well-known mosaic works.

Paris has over 1000 “space invaders” in itself. From now on, they can be found on five continents, and one of them has even been sent into space. Invader explains his work in many ways : it’s a meeting between pixel and mosaic, video games and reality, screen and architecture, a viral art which infects our visual environment. Day after day, the invasion gains ground…

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Out of stock


Print : Screen Pri45 x 43 cm

Dimensions cm | inch

45 x 43 cm


Print on fine art paper


White wood frame with museum glass

Artwork dimensions including frame

68 x 57 cm


Numbered and limited to 65 copies
(1 remaining copy)


Work sold with an invoice from the gallery
and a certificate of authenticity


Hand-signed by artist

About the artwork

Artwork sold in perfect condition

Location of the artwork

Luxembourg – Luxembourg

First sold date